Algebraic Geometry, Complex Analysis and Geometry, Differential Geometry

The researches carried out by this group cover problems of great interest in contemporary Geometry, Analysis and Topology of Real and Complex Manifolds. The specific issues that are object of the researches belong to several fields such as Complex Analysis, Function Theory, Complex Differential Geometry, Algebraic Geometry, and their applications.

Part of the research program aims at studying methods of symbolic computation, in order to identify and verify significant results in some of the subjects and, at the same time, in order to draw the attention to the computational tools used.

Training through research is a fundamental part of the activity.


Fiammetta Battaglia (Info and publications)
Paolo de Bartolomeis (Info and publications)
Alberto Dolcetti (Info and publications)
Graziano Gentili (Info and publications)
Marco Maggesi (Info and publications)
Antonella Nannicini (Info and publications)
Giorgio Ottaviani (Info and publications)
Giorgio Patrizio (Info and publications)
Fabio Podestà (Info and publications)
Elisa Prato (Info and publications)
Elena Rubei (Info and publications)
Luisella Verdi (Info and publications)
Luigi Verdiani (Info and publications)
Gabriele Vezzosi (Info and publications)
Fabio Vlacci (Info and publications)

Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral Students
Paolo Aceto
Elena Angelini
Agnese Baldisserri
Maurizio Banchi
Giulia Sarfatti
Leone Slavich
Herman Stel
Irene Vignozzi


The list of our past and forthcoming seminars.

(last update March 2012)

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