Wall laws in fluid mechanics

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Tue 13/05/2008 ore 10:30

Il Dr. D. Gerard-Varet (ENS-Paris) sarà ospite del dipartimento, nell'ambito del progetto Gnampa 2008 "Modelli aleatorii e computazionali per l'analisi della turbolenza generata da pareti ruvide".

Nel corso della visita, il dr. D. Gerard-Varet terrà un minicorso su

Wall laws in fluid mechanics

The concern of this course is the effect of a rough surface on an incompressible fluid. Mathematical studies of this effect have been carried under the strong assumption of a periodic pattern of roughness. More realistic configurations (like a random distribution of irregularities) raise both physical and mathematical questions. We will address some of these questions.

Martedi 13 maggio

  • 10:30 Periodic roughness,
  • 15:00 Derivation of effective boundary conditions for random roughness

Mercoledi 14 maggio

  • 10:30 Accuracy of the effective boundary conditions

per ulteriori informazioni: http://web.math.unifi.it/users/romito/gnampa08

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